The Punk Majesty logo should be recognized as the symbol of a brand that stands for Empowerment and Inclusion, and we care about the planet, which is why products will only be made when ordered, and there is no waste to going to the landfills. 

The Punk Majesty Logo -- a skull wearing a crown, with safety pins as cross bones was designed by Alisha Amnesia and is legally Trademarked and Copyrighted with the USPTO.

From our Founder:

"I've never understood why people wear labels or symbols with someone's name or initials all over them, and the people wearing them don't know or care about the history of those brands or WHAT THEY STAND FOR. They wear them because they are synonymous with being expensive. That never appealed to me.

I created a logo to identify my brand and represent our ethos of empowerment, inclusion, love of music, art, and DIY culture."

Designer Alisha Amnesia grew up the child of a Gay Dad who remained in the closet most of his life due to societal pressures. The ethos of her brand is rooted in empowerment for all genders, races, and orientations. Being an ALLY, Empowerment, and inclusion (anti-racism, anti-transphobia, and anti-homophobia) for the underrepresented are very important to her and the brand.

People who support Punk Majesty should know that every decision regarding the planet and sustainability has come from research and consideration, and that will continue as we build and grow the brand to a place where we have the budget to have even more control over production and materials. The goal is to build a brand that hires and supports people and communities that are underrepresented, as well as doing our best to combat climate change. These are the values behind this brand, and what to know when you see our logo. You can wear it proudly if you share these values.


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