Punk Majesty Streetwear is punk-inspired designer streetwear fashion with the ethos of empowerment and inclusion, and we care about the planet! We fuse punk design elements with high fashion and streetwear and produce ethically and eco-consciously to be as sustainable as possible. The brand is built on passion for music, art and DIY culture, making a statement, and fighting the status quo. This brand is ANTI-Fast Fashion and cares about the planet.

Sustainability and a circular economy are paramount to every decision we make, as we all have to do our part to combat climate change.  Each piece is made when you order it. Producing only what is sold is one way we ensure not to contribute to global waste.

All of our products are handmade to order and crafted with the highest quality, ethically sourced materials. Our preferred suppliers provide ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX© certified ink and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX© certified material as well as certifications from SGS Printing, and FSC packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

We're known for the cool designs and quality of products we deliver, not the waste we leave behind. Zero inventory and ethically sourced materials eliminate environmental risks associated with excess stock and mass production. 

Why are we called Punk Majesty?

Besides the founder being a DIY Punk Artist, all the designs have some punk-inspired details. Our original brand began in 2014 as an upcycled art clothing brand, producing one-of-a-kind custom clothing-- hand painted and embellished with studs, spikes, chains, chain mail, safety pins, and kilt pins and painting empowering statements on the clothing (which is the CUSTOM side of this brand and still available at punkmjaesty.com).

The new PM Streetwear line carries these original punk design elements into casual everyday streetwear, at an accessible price point. The first PM Streetwear collection, "Empowering Graffiti" was inspired by DIY street graffiti art and also inspired by our original collection's suit jackets, ties and vests that have hand-painted empowering statements in artist's handwriting. We have several other collections that have punk design elements... chains, skulls, safety pins, tartan, and the use of colors inspired by 77 UK Punk design style.

Is PM just for Punks? NO! We are inclusive! If you love the designs, support us! We are punk-inspired, and do not support elitist gate-keeper behavior!

Designer Alisha Amnesia grew up the child of a Gay Dad who remained in the closet most of his life due to societal pressures. The ethos of her brand is rooted in empowerment for all genders, races, and orientations. Being an ALLY, Empowerment, and inclusion (anti-racism, anti-transphobia, and anti-homophobia) for the underrepresented are very important to her and the brand .

We are also looking for other DIY Punk Graphic Designers to collaborate with in the future, so if you are a graphic designer with punk design sensibilities who would like to collaborate for a future collection, contact us.