Empowering Punk-inspired Fashion Streetwear


We combine bold designs with elements of punk, high
fashion, and logo mania with modern classic streetwear
styles. Zero Waste. Anti Fast Fashion. Female Owned.

  • NEW 2024 ELECTRO Collection

    Our brand new Electro collection is inspired by electronic music and the bold colors of punk! We created 4 unique beautiful designs, named 2K, 3K, 4K, and 5K. They’re all so cool, you might need more than one!

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  • Limited Edition Siouxsie Collection

    Our brand new Siouxsie print design is limited edition. The bold colors pop, and we have never seen anyone else incorporate our queen of punk and goth, Siouxsie Sioux into a fashion print!

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  • Women's Streetwear Graffiti Collection

    Empowering Graffiti

    This design is empowering statements in graffiti style, meant to empower the wearer.

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  • Logo Streetwear Bomber Jacket

    Punk Majesty Logo Pattern

    Our Logo Pattern in Black and White is a nod to high fashion luxury brand logo mania. Our logo represents DIY punk-inspiration, empowerment, and inclusion. More about the logo here.

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  • Tartan Bomber Jacket Streetwear

    Punk Majesty Tartan

    This design is a classic Scottish Tartan with the Punk Majesty skull, crown and safety pin logo.

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  • Punk Majesty 3D Logo

    The Punk Majesty Logo in our cool 3D design.

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  • Red Logo Drip Hood

    Punk Majesty Red Logo Drip

    We created the Red Logo Drip as a limited edition version from our bright colored Logo Drip Collection.

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  • Logo Drip Mens Track Jacket

    Punk Majesty Logo Drip

    Our Logo Pattern Drip is inspired by DIY spray paint art. We chose bright colors inspired by 1970’s UK punk album covers.

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  • I Want More Streetgoth Streetwear Unisex T-Shirt

    Eye (of Horus): Want More

    The Eye of Horus symbol in ancient Egyptian religion represents well-being, healing, and protection.

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  • Punk Majesty Streetwear Logo Crop Hoodie

    Punk Majesty Permanent Collection

    Our selection of Logo Hoodies and T-Shirts with our 'Talk is Cheap. Actions Speak.' ethos.

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  • ALLY Crop Sweatshirt Women's Streetwear


    The ethos of our brand is rooted in empowerment for all genders and races and being an ALLY. Empowerment and inclusion (anti-racism, anti-transphobia and anti-homophobia) for the underrepresented are very important to us.

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  • Zero Fomo Streetwear Hoodie


    Inspired by our love of early hip hop roots and recent events, staying in and having Zero Fomo!

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  • Punk Fuck Cancer T-shirt


    This design was inspired by our friend English Craig, an original 77 Punk and fan who was there in the Pistols early days. We made this shirt for him when he was diagnosed with Cancer. He loved it. We love him. FUCK CANCER Forever.

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